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Restructuring &

Advising on restructuring, insolvency and reorganisation consultancy services are among the main areas
of expertise of JOBE lawyers.

Our lawyers advice on restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency cases.  It is proved to be a crucial advantage that, in addition to their in-depth legal expertise, our lawyers also have practical professional experience acquired mainly through previous work in businesses.

On request, we will gladly name our clients and their contact details as reference, so that you can see for yourself the quality of our services. Please do not hesitate to ask us!

Our services in the area of

  • Advice on restructuring and reorganisation,
  • Advice on drawing up a restructuring strategy,
  • Support and assuming self-administration in insolvency proceedings.
  • Taking on responsibility of a management and governance board in cases of restructuring and the appointment of a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO),
  • Negotiations with creditors and other stakeholders,
  • Management of loan collateral,
  • Advice on avoiding insolvency,
  • In insolvency cases, advice to creditors, particularly to credit institutions,
  • Protection from exposure to personal liability for directors and officers and other parties with managerial responsibility,
  • Commitment to a security or collateral trust,
  • Arrangements for administration including drawing up an insolvency plan

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